Vocal samples are ‘often’ mysteries to me….. In this tune, The Weeknd sampled a foreign pop song from the late 70’s, but only her voice.  Quite amazing!  His production overall is top-notch and this song, titled “Often”, exemplifies it well.  Enjoy! Sample appears at 0:15 in both songs.



This song is one of my favorites from J Cole.  His lyrics are meaningful, flow is smooth, but the sampling is on point.  Some slicing and dicing of an old early 90’s blues tune turns into a hit hip hop track.  The vocal chops aren’t the cleanest, but that adds to authenticity and roots of the sample.  Wee oh nah nah! Sample appears at 0:55 and throughout.  Enjoy!


This next sample has better strings than your third grade Art class teaching cat’s cradles.  The producer of “1 Train”, Hit-Boy, perfectly slices and loops the clips, with added an exceptional old school drum kit.  He’s one of my first favorites. To top it off, some of the best hip hop lyricists are on the track.  Well done Ms. Senin! Sample appears at 00:17. Enjoy!


This sample is so catchy!  The producer of Kid Ink’s  “Show Me”, DJ Mustard, snagged the tubular synth from this 90’s dance track, slowed it down, transforming it into a smooth hip hop tune with nice bass, too.  Mustard isn’t typically known for sampling like this, so this definitely caught me by surprise.  Big up!  The song name was sampled too….   The sample appears at 00:13.


This is one of my favorite vocal samples in hip hop. An oldie (’83) from Mike Oldfield is sampled in “Dark Fantasy” by Kanye, creating an incredibly catchy chorus which kicks off his album (debatably his best) and sets the mood.  Mr. West is one of the best out there in terms of sampling! Give a listen to this track, reminds me a little bit of Geddy Lee of Rush.  Sample appears at 00:50s